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Better Boundaries Campaign Co-Chairs

 Jeff Wright (R) – Chairman, Actium Partners

Ralph Becker (D) – Former Mayor, Salt Lake City

Blake Moore (R) – Cicero Group

Karen Shepherd (D) – Former U.S Congresswoman


Utah’s current redistricting process requires reform because it allows incumbent politicians to manipulate the redistricting process by selecting the people who vote for them, without appropriate checks. This has resulted in less competitive races and politicians who prioritize their own interests over the needs of their constituents. The Better Boundaries campaign aims to create a more responsive, transparent and accountable redistricting process.

The purpose of redistricting should be to redraw political boundaries to better align with population shifts (i.e., to ensure the “one person, one vote” principle). Gerrymandering occurs when elected officials manipulate the process for their own personal and political gain at the expense of community interests. Gerrymandering has led to extreme dysfunction in government and a staggering level of distrust among the electorate. Addressing this dysfunction and restoring faith in our representative democracy is the challenge of our time. The Better Boundaries campaign is committed to tackling that challenge.

The Initiative

Better Boundaries intends to address the problem of gerrymandering in Utah through a redistricting ballot initiative for the 2018 election. This process will entail a citizen petition drive to gather enough signatures to get the issue on the 2018 ballot.

The initiative will modify the current system of redistricting by establishing an independent redistricting commission and prescribing redistricting standards and requirements. This improved system will reinforce our democracy by making our elected officials more accountable, increasing the competitiveness of our elections, reducing polarization, and strengthening voter participation and civic engagement.