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Better Boundaries Campaign Co-Chairs

Proposition 4 is a bipartisan effort, led by the following Co-Chairs:

Jeff Wright [R] – Former Finance
Chair, Jon Huntsman, Jr.’s
Presidential Campaign

Ralph Becker
Former Mayor,
Salt Lake City


Karen Shepherd [D]
Former U.S. Congresswoman (UT)

Blake Moore [R]
Cicero Group

How Does The Initiative Work?

Proposition 4 addresses the problem of gerrymandering in two ways. First, it creates a 7 member commission, appointed by the Governor and Legislative leaders. At least two of the commissioners must be politically unaffiliated. To promote impartiality, lobbyists, current and recently retired elected officials, political party leaders, and government appointees may not serve as commissioners. With citizen input, the commission draws proposed maps for Utah’s congressional, legislative, and State school board districts. It then submits these maps to the Legislature, as required by the Utah Constitution. The Legislature can enact or reject the Commission’s proposed maps. If it rejects them, it must explain why to the citizens of Utah.

Second, Proposition 4 requires that, in drawing districts, the commission and the Legislature abide by redistricting standards to the greatest extent practicable. These standards include:

· Adhering to the U.S. and Utah Constitutions and other applicable law
· Preserving equal populations among districts
· Keeping municipalities and counties together
· Creating districts that are compact and contiguous
· Respecting traditional neighborhoods and communities of interest
· Following geographic features and natural barriers

Most importantly, Proposition 4 forbids drawing districts to unduly favor or disfavor any incumbent, candidate, or political party. And it allows Utah voters to challenge a map enacted by the Legislature that violates these standards.