Attend a Meeting

Whether you’re in person or zooming in, attending redistricting meetings is critical to ensuring your voice is heard. Both the Independent Redistricting Commission and Legislative Redistricting Committee are holding public hearings throughout October. In November, the Independent Commission will present their maps, and then lawmakers need to hear from you. Your voice and input is needed!

2021 Utah Redistricting Timeline

Oct. 29, midnight

Independent Commission submits maps to Legislative Redistricting Committee

Nov. 1, 2 pm

Independent Commission presents maps to Legislative Committee

Nov. 8, 3 pm

Legislative Redistricting Committee Meeting

Nov. 9 - 19

Tent: State Legislature Special Session

Late Nov. 2021

Tent. Legislative Deadline for Map Adoption

Tips for Giving Public Input

  1. Let the committee members or commissioners know that you value Utah’s Independent redistricting process and criteria that reduces gerrymandering.
  2. Give specific input on your community. Let them know what you do not like about current maps and what you would like to see in future maps.
  3. Be specific about which maps you’re talking about – Congress, State House, State Senate, and/or State School Board.
  4. If you’re attending an Independent Commission meeting, give them input on their draft maps – be specific about your community!
  5. Thank them for their time.