Let your voice be heard by drawing a Community of Interest Map! Do you and your neighbors share a similar culture or way of life? Utah’s Independent Redistricting Commission wants to know what issues are most important to you – so let them know by drawing your map.

    It should take less than 15 minutes to draw your map.

  1. Create a username and password. This allows us to submit your maps to the Independent Redistricting Commission.
  2. Answer prompts to help you describe your community of interest.
  3. Use your zip code to begin drawing your map.
  4. Press submit and celebrate! Better Boundaries will ensure that your map is submitted to the Independent Redistricting Commission


The working definition is: A group of people in a contiguous geographic area that share common policy interests, whether cultural, religious, social, economic, or others that do not necessarily coincide with the boundaries of a political subdivision. A community of interest cannot be based on a relationship with a political party, particular incumbent, or certain political candidates. Because the Independent Commission does not use partisan data to draw lines, they abide by standards, including Communities of Interest, that give Utahns a voice in their representation.