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Fixing a Broken System

The Better Boundaries initiative (Proposition 4) was born from a simple idea:

Voters should choose their politicians, politicians shouldn’t choose their voters.

Politicians should listen to their voters. Politicians should be accountable to their voters. Today, however, they’re not accountable and they don’t have to listen. Why? Because every 10 years, politicians sit around and draw maps to make sure they get re-elected. This is called gerrymandering, and it’s a process Ronald Reagan called “a national disgrace.”

Gerrymandering is not new. But in recent years it has gotten out of control. Sophisticated computer modeling allows incumbents to craft districts with a precision the framers of the Utah Constitution could not have foreseen. The result is that politicians are free to draw districts that prioritize their own personal gains and those of special interests over the needs of the voters.

Proposition 4 will change all of that. It will fix the broken system by creating an independent citizens’ redistricting commission and new rules to govern the process. When it passes, Proposition 4 will give voters the right to make their voices heard and hold politicians accountable.

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