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Ronald Reagan called gerrymandering “a national disgrace.” A majority of Utahns agreed with him and passed Proposition 4 into law. This new law created an independent redistricting commission and common-sense rules to govern the process. All Utahns benefit when voters’ voices are heard.

Our 2018 ballot initiative, combined with a bipartisan legislative compromise reached in 2020, secured Utah’s new independent redistricting commission. However, in 2021, politics took over once again. The result is partisan gerrymandered maps passed by a vast majority of Utah’s elected state lawmakers. Now is the time to look forward to new tools to fight for representation.

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The Better Boundaries Accountability PAC’s goal is more responsive and accountable elected officials. It was launched on Monday, November 8 as it became clear that the Utah Legislature was determined to ignore the will of the people and enact egregious partisan and incumbent protection gerrymanders.

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Utahns deserve maps that keep communities, cities, and counties intact and that center the interest of voters, not politicians. The Independent Redistricting Commission delivered maps that were drawn transparently, and without political intent. Join our efforts to secure an independent process to Utah.

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