Better Boundaries Report Card Press Release


Many state lawmakers in stark contrast with constituent demands


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                 February 22, 2022


SALT LAKE CITY – Better Boundaries released a report card today assigning state lawmakers with a letter grade on the issue of gerrymandering. The grades are a response to how lawmakers voted during last year’s special redistricting session.

The report is focused on lawmakers who serve districts that voted to approve Proposition 4 in 2018 which led to the creation of an Independent Redistricting Commission in 2020. The grading criteria measures how these lawmakers voted on maps last fall and whether they used their leadership and influence to advocate for the independent commission’s transparent process. Grades highlight whether a lawmaker acted in self-interest when voting in their legislative committees, if they used a position of leadership to advocate for the commission and whether they opposed or supported the partisan gerrymandered congressional maps.

“Gerrymandering is sadly bipartisan. With campaign season approaching, we feel strongly voters should know what happened last fall when they make decisions this spring,” said Better Boundaries Executive Director Katie Wright.


Among the Utah State House and Senate, 25 state lawmakers, Republican and Democrat have been awarded a letter “D” or “F” grade when held to the criteria. Four received a “B” or “C” grade and ten were assigned with an “A” grade respectively.

“Better Boundaries has always been about ensuring voters have the ability to choose their politicians, and not the other way around. We found that was not the case last fall,” said Wright.

The Independent Redistricting Commission,  passed by voters in 2018, renegotiated by lawmakers and signed into law by the Governor in 2020 was required to uphold a certain set of standards and criteria. The state legislature failed to adopt a single map created by the commission.

A detailed explanation of the final grades can be found here.

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