More behind the ballot initiative designed to fix gerrymandering in Utah

Proposition 4 would create an independent redistricting commission that would make recommendations to the legislature and not have binding authority.

Catherine Kanter with Better Boundaries, the organization behind the initiative, joined ABC4 Utah’s CW30 to talk about the role it will play.

The independent redistricting commission would be made up of seven people. The chair of the commission would be appointed by the governor. Two members would be appointed by the majority leadership of the Utah State House and Senate. Two members would be appointed by the minority leadership of the State House and Senate. The final two members are selected by the majority and minority leadership, but those to appointees must come from the unaffiliated ranks of registered Utah voters.

The group is meant to be what Kanter calls a “citizens’ commission.”

This would be a non-binding commission meaning they can make recommendations to the legislature, but they have authority to enact recommendations.

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