Respect the will of the people

Ronald Reagan called gerrymandering “a national disgrace.” A majority of Utahns agreed with him and passed Proposition 4 into law. This new law fixed our broken redistricting system by creating an independent redistricting commission and common-sense rules to govern the process. All Utahns benefit when voters’ voices are heard.

Our successful 2018 ballot initiative, combined with a bipartisan legislative compromise reached in 2020, secured Utah’s new Independent Redistricting Commission.

Now is the time to look forward to the redistricting process itself. This new commission relies on public feedback from Utahns like you in order to draw the best districts possible. Sign up to get the latest updates on Utah’s redistricting process.


Whether you’re in person or zooming in, attending redistricting meetings is critical to ensuring your voice is heard. Both the Independent Redistricting Commission and Legislative Redistricting Committee are holding public hearings throughout October. In November, the Independent Commission will present their maps, and then lawmakers need to hear from you. Your voice and input is needed!

Attend a Meeting

Meet your independent commissioners

For the first time ever, Utah has an Independent Redistricting Commission. The commissioners have impressive resumes, long standing tenures in public service, and expert knowledge and experience. Appointed by both democrats, republicans, and the governor and representing a balance of political backgrounds – including independents – commissioners include a former senator, a retired Utah Supreme Court Judge, and a BYU professor.

Rex L. Facer II
Christine Durham
Karen Hale
Lyle Hillyard
N. Jeffery Baker
William A. Thorne, Jr.

Learn more about this bipartisan group of Utah notables at the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission’s website.

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