Better Boundaries Accountability PAC

The Beginning of Accountability

The Better Boundaries Accountability PAC was launched on November 8, 2021. It was formed as it became clear that legislators of both political parties were determined to ignore the will of the people and enact maps which split up our communities to benefit incumbent politicians and political parties for the state legislature and US House of Representatives. We know that the people of Utah deserve more responsive leadership.

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Our Successes

We know promoting accountable government is not easy. But, the people of Utah and our supporters have enthusiastically responded to our mission. In 2022 alone, our successes included:

  • Spending over $100,000 in 13 state legislative and county races
  • Donations from over 400 individual Utahns
  • Over 1,000 hours of volunteer and in-kind staff time
  • Successfully supporting a primary challenger to one of the longest serving legislators in Utah history
  • Supporting candidates across the political spectrum and interacting with delegates and voters from political parties
  • Recruited and supported pro-accountability candidates from across the state - from St. George to Stansbury Park and Salt Lake City
  • Created a report card to inform voters about their legislators record on independent redistricting

The Path Forward

Better Boundaries Accountability PAC is committed to independent redistricting and accountable government for the long haul. We will continue the fight to recruit candidates from every political party and corner of our state who understand that we must keep our communities whole and promote transparent government. Join us by volunteering, donating, or inquiring about running for office yourself. Our team is dedicated to providing pro-accountability candidates with the tools they need to win elections.

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