FOX 13 News 360: A look at Utah’s redistricting process

SALT LAKE CITY — Every 10 years, the boundaries for congress, state legislature and state school board are redrawn in a process called “redistricting.”

It’s vitally important because who represents you helps set policies ranging from potholes to taxes.

This year will be different. In 2018, voters approved Proposition 4 that created an independent redistricting commission. It will work alongside the Utah State Legislature’s redistricting committee (the legislature has the final say).

It will also be rushed. A delay in getting 2020 U.S. Census data means they have to speed through the boundary-setting process in order to have it in place by the beginning of the year.

Both are holding public meetings to get your input on what the boundaries should look like. Right now, the Utah Independent Redistricting Commission has software for you to draw your own maps. The legislature’s committee will soon have that software, and your maps could be the ones they adopt.